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If your height is keeping you from enjoying life to the fullest, now you can add inches to your stature with cosmetic limb lengthening surgery.

Successful. Confident. Assertive. In a world where height matters, these are the perks of being tall. You might think your stature is set in stone, but now you too can get ahead with cosmetic limb lengthening. At HeightRx in Baltimore, Maryland, board-certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Assayag specializes in helping patients reach their goals with innovative solutions that can increase height, correct deformities and reconstruct limbs after injury or amputation. As a distinguished leader in limb lengthening and cosmetic height enhancement, Dr. Assayag takes pride in his ability to produce meaningful, life-changing results that can restore your confidence and open the door for new possibilities. Both Dr. Assayag and HeightRx are a part of the International Center for Limb Lengthening (ICLL), one of the world’s most advanced orthopedic facilities globally recognized for its contributions to the field.

Unparalleled Expertise in Height Enhancement

HeightRx at the International Center for Limb Lengthening in Baltimore, Maryland, provides world-class height enhancement and orthopedic care from one of the field’s foremost experts in the nation, Dr. Michael Assayag. Fellowship-trained and specializing in adult limb lengthening and deformity correction, Dr. Assayag is part of an elite group of orthopedic surgeons with the ability to perform these complex procedures. Combined with a reputation for providing warm, patient-centered care and a long list of credentials to match, Dr. Assayag is highly renowned among his peers. His expertise also makes him sought after by orthopedic surgeons around the world, who come to him to learn the principles of limb lengthening and deformity correction.

In addition to his passion for helping patients achieve their stature goals, Dr. Assayag is also committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. He has published research on limb reconstruction, serves as the co-director of the annual Baltimore Limb Deformity Course and is a member of various orthopedic associations. He also volunteers with Operation Rainbow’s Team Sinai to provide access to expert orthopedic care in countries like Haiti and Nicaragua. His extensive experience and drive to improve the lives of patients around the world have distinguished Dr. Assayag as a global leader in orthopedics and cosmetic limb lengthening.

Technologically Advanced, Patient-Centered Care

Dr. Assayag combines a comprehensive approach with the latest proven techniques to help patients reach their desired height. He also uses cutting-edge technology to pursue the safest route possible for orthopedic and limb lengthening procedures, resulting in less pain, scarring and inconvenience for patients. This includes both the Stryde and Precice nails, innovative limb lengthening devices that have revolutionized the field by providing an effective alternative to bulky external devices. The original Precice nail uses a telescoping titanium rod to lengthen the leg bones, while the Stryde nail provides a stainless steel option for superior weight-bearing. Dr. Assayag has worked closely with the creators of the Precice nail and has advanced knowledge of both devices compared to other doctors.

To ensure the highest quality of care possible, Dr. Assayag also provides customized treatment plans and a patient-centered approach that aligns with each individual’s needs, goals and values. He helps patients and their families navigate the complexity of orthopedic treatments by addressing any questions or concerns and going over the details of the procedure. Before proceeding, patients will have a thorough understanding of their treatment plan, be aware of any possible complications and know what to expect during recovery or physical therapy. His commitment to putting patients first allows Dr. Assayag to provide an unmatched level of care that engages individuals throughout the treatment process and enhances their overall experience.

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Orthopedic Treatments That Go Above and Beyond

HeightRx at the International Center for Limb Lengthening is Baltimore’s premier choice for cosmetic height augmentation, raising the bar with innovative treatments that have helped patients across the nation add several inches to their stature. Dr. Assayag’s level of expertise in limb lengthening procedures also makes him adept at addressing a variety of orthopedic conditions that may result in a height discrepancy or deformation of the limbs.


Some of the procedures he performs include:

  • Cosmetic height enhancement
  • Knock knee and bow leg correction
  • Reconstructive limb lengthening
  • Limb deformity reconstruction
  • Bone defect reconstruction
  • Osteomyelitis reconstruction
  • Amputation reconstruction
  • Foot and ankle reconstruction

Whether he’s helping patients find relief from an orthopedic condition or achieve their lifelong dream of improving their height, Dr. Assayag provides the same high level of care that has set him apart. He understands the transformative impact that orthopedic surgery can have on patients’ lives and is directly involved in every step of the process — from the initial consultation to rehabilitation — to ensure the high caliber results that HeightRx is known for.